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November 2006

3rd annual Mental Health Fair - another great success for CornerHouse


The event took place on 15 November 2006 at the HG Wells Conference Centre and one of the main attractions was the exhibition of artefacts and photographs from Brookwood Hospital courtesy of Woking's new museum The Lightbox.


Aside from various talks about mental health provision in Woking, visitors were able to catch the premiere of a short film about the past and present state of mental health services, which was also commissioned by The Lightbox.


Paul Field, director of services at CornerHouse said: "Mental health is not a fringe concern. Statistics tells us that one in four residents of Woking will experience some difficulty with their mental health during their lifetime. When this happens, people benefit from effective clinical and social support. The support comes from a wide variety of statutory and voluntary sources and most, if not all, were represented at the fair."


Click here for some pictures of the event.






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